Hello, my name is Balle, I’m a little over 50 years old, a qualified surveyor and live with my family in Düsseldorf.

I find life beautiful, funny and attractive, but as with many people, today’s fast-moving times have also left their mark on me. The burdens of work and family increased continuously and the health ailments increased to the same extent, a fact that most of my readers will certainly agree with. If then, as is usual with us women, the menopause comes along, you can quickly reach your limits. Being shown these limits is not nice and it took years to accept them. This was possible with the help of my family. Step by step I changed my life.

First, I became interested in healthy and quality food and in bringing more calm into my life. For me, more rest means, among other things, vacation trips, excursions, walks and relaxation techniques such as painting, listening to music, autogenic training and much more.

One focus of my life today is this blog. This great and fulfilling work has given me back a lot of joie de vivre.

A key part of my work is nutrition and I have to cook, develop and try out a lot. My family members are my test eaters and also my main critics.

The most important thing when cooking is a principle that I inherited from my grandmother and my mother: “No matter what you do, do it with love!” With this statement, which is lived by many, you can not only show love for the product , but especially to express the love for his family.

Cooking with herbs, roasted aromas, fresh fruit and vegetables is very important to me and I use organic products whenever possible. Meat is popular with us, but less in quantity and better in quality.

Many of the recipes I have developed or, if necessary, I have adapted the old and tried-and-tested dishes of my grandmother or my mother to today’s conditions.

All dishes are cooked ready to eat and can also be enjoyed after being photographed. There are no just briefly cooked or even frozen foods on the plate that have to be disposed of after the shoot. For me, throwing away food is an absolute impossibility.

Finally, I would like to tell you how the name “BallesWorld” came about. When I was young, a dear friend always called me “Balle” and that’s how my nickname came about. Unfortunately, she left this world far too young and with many unfulfilled wishes. She sadly lost the fight against the modern disease of the century, cancer. I named the blog BallesWorld in memory of her. I am proud that this work will not let her memory die.